Google Ads: Why you shouldn't trust google suggestions

Google Ads forms the core of many paid digital advertising campaigns. And it definitely should, it's a great way to bring in traffic. However, it takes a bit more savvy than many people assume. You can't just bid super high and hope to win out. For instance: should you go with the suggestions put forward by Google's tools? If you're wondering how much you should trust those recommendations then read on and we'll explore your options.

The Perfect Google Analytics Dashboard

A Google analytics dashboard can be a big help to your business... if you design it right. Here's how to create the perfect analytics dashboard. Google Analytics is ideal for businesses that want to track their marketing and sales efforts. However, due to the volume of data you can collect with this useful tool, you need to make sure you are using your Google Analytics dashboard. Keep reading to learn more about how you can design the perfect analytics dashboard.

Lead generation for small businesses

Small businesses need to know how to generate leads to survive. It's a long-held notion in business and in life that a company must always be growing—someway, somehow, and that the ones that stagnate eventually fall off.

Linkedin strategy

9 out of 10 people on the platform use LinkedIn for networking. That means 90 percent of the people you're coming in contact with are potential friends, allies, or even future customers. And that's why you need a solid LinkedIn strategy for digitally marketing your page. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, the main goal of LinkedIn is to help you grow as a professional. However, a lot of people are on the platform for the wrong reason—to spam, which they think will make them money—which is why a lot of people are wary about making new connections.

marketing automation for small businesses

Marketing Automation for Small Businesses. When you have a small team, it's important to use tools that make your work easier. Learn here how marketing automation for small businesses can help.

Chat bots for real estate

According to statistics, 85% of all customer interactions by 2020 will happen without the involvement of a live representative. Artificial intelligence's (AI) revolution is in full swing and, much like other revolutionary technological happenings, is washing over every business sector like a tidal wave. As the real estate landscape grows increasingly competitive, you need to squeeze every drop of traction your business can get.


For the best results, your CRO and SEO should work together, not against each other. Digital marketing is a language in itself. It’s a near-perfect combination of human psychology, science, and innovation. In fact, most marketers believe it’s changed more in the last 2 years than in the last 50 combined. But, CRO and SEO aren’t new to the game. When done correctly, they play well together. They’re a golden duo that helps attract more of the right people.

Conversion Rate Optimization

You’ve heard of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), but what is it, exactly, and what does it mean for your business? Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the backbone of modern digital marketing. It refers to the process of increasing a share of website visitors you convert into sales/leads. The conversion itself is a key action you want people to take, such as subscription, quote request, form submission, or purchase. It’s also a metric that organizations across industry sectors keep close eyes on.


SEO/SEM marketing is integral to all businesses. Read our beginner’s guide to know how we can use our skills to help improve your search engine ranking! It’s easy to get lost in all of the discussion about digital marketing. There are a lot of acronyms, difficult-sounding concepts, and terms thrown around that seem foreign to the newcomer. It’s not all that difficult once you start to do it, though. SEO/SEM marketing are two of the foundational terms of digital marketing, and understanding them will get you a foothold of understanding to move forward with.

SEO tips & tricks

There are several simple SEO tips and tricks that you can implement into your website to get more traffic. Here’s where you should start...

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