digital marketing for urgent care
Understanding the Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Urgent Care Center
If hospitals are attracting more patients than your urgent care center, how do you stay afloat? Specific digital marketing tactics, such as local SEO, can help you gain more foot traffic. According to Google, searches that included “near me” doubled in the span of two years. These searches often result in people visiting a business within 24 hours of their search.
Facebook Ads audience
Facebook Ads: How to Work With Lookalike Audiences
Before you run any Facebook ads, you need to understand what a lookalike audience is and how to work with one. Thankfully, with Facebook Lookalike Audiences, you can literally target people that “look” and “act” like past site visitors, page interactors or even past purchasers. That’s right with Lookalike Audiences, Facebook will do the hard work for you and find people similar to past converters.
real estate digital marketing
9 Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends You Need for 2020
If you want to get ahead of the competition, you need to start using these digital marketing trends for 2020 right now. Here’s what you need to know. Do you want to be on top of your marketing game come 2020? Are you looking for a way to gain an edge over your competitors and capture the most attention? We have some secrets we’d like to share with you then.
Google Ads: Why you shouldn't trust google suggestions
Google Ads: Should You Rely on Google Recommendations
Google Ads forms the core of many paid digital advertising campaigns. And it definitely should, it’s a great way to bring in traffic. However, it takes a bit more savvy than many people assume. You can’t just bid super high and hope to win out. For instance: should you go with the suggestions put forward by Google’s tools? If you’re wondering how much you should trust those recommendations then read on and we’ll explore your options.
The Perfect Google Analytics Dashboard
How to Design a Perfect Google Analytics Dashboard
A Google analytics dashboard can be a big help to your business… if you design it right. Here’s how to create the perfect analytics dashboard. Google Analytics is ideal for businesses that want to track their marketing and sales efforts. However, due to the volume of data you can collect with this useful tool, you need to make sure you are using your Google Analytics dashboard. Keep reading to learn more about how you can design the perfect analytics dashboard.
Lead generation for small businesses
How to generate more leads for your business
Small businesses need to know how to generate leads to survive. It’s a long-held notion in business and in life that a company must always be growing—someway, somehow, and that the ones that stagnate eventually fall off.
Multi-armed Bandit Tests
Multi-armed bandit tests
Multi-Armed Bandit (MAB) tests can solve the challenges associated with A/B testing, especially for testing offers in shot periods of time, like Black Friday. This type of testing involves a statistical problem setup.
e-commerce personalization
A Complete Guide to eCommerce Personalization
Think about this: You are visiting your favorite retail store. The employees already know what suits you and what you like the most. They even know what you have been longing to have in a long time, and they have all options ready the moment you walk into the door. This exclusive and customized shopping experience is referred to as personalization in e-commerce. And every customer expects it.
Linkedin strategy
Creating a LinkedIn Strategy
9 out of 10 people on the platform use LinkedIn for networking. That means 90 percent of the people you’re coming in contact with are potential friends, allies, or even future customers. And that’s why you need a solid LinkedIn strategy for digitally marketing your page. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, the main goal of LinkedIn is to help you grow as a professional. However, a lot of people are on the platform for the wrong reason—to spam, which they think will make them money—which is why a lot of people are wary about making new connections.
Qualitative vs quantitative data
Qualitative vs Quantitative Data
Data plays a critical role in conversion rate optimization, and it can be the only weapon you need to defeat your competition and move your business to the next level. It allows you to back up your decisions with evidence and predict possible outcomes of your actions. There are two types of data, and depending on your primary goal, you will need to decide which type is best suited for you.
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