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Dental advertising and marketing is what we love to do. Our team has been in the digital marketing for dental practices for years, and we have consulted with almost every kind of dental office, general dentistry, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontist, invisalign... You name it.

The first step in our proces will be to conduct a detailed audit of your current marketing initiatives as well as make suggestions customized to your company and specialty.

The main goal will be to bring more patients to your dental practice and increase your revenue.

According to a Pew Internet 21% of US internet users have looked online for a dentist in the last year. That's about 25 million Americans. Nevertheless, most people prefer to call the dentist's office, instead of scheduling an online appointment. We can help you track the origin of those phone calls and attribute the revenue of that patient to your marketing efforts.

Besides, Mobile-first indexing hit the deck in 2018 and has become an absolute game-changer for dental practices. Mobile-first simply means that the time to load and how user-friendly your page is, are the most relevant factors among all of the factors that Google uses to rank your website. If your website doesn't look great on a smartphone or it takes forever to load, you will likely start to see your organic search traffic results dropping.

With that being said, well help you optimize your website to improve the mobile experience and reduce the loading time. We'll also build optimized landing pages to take the best of your advertising investment.

Our team will regularly check your campaigns improving the performance and analyzing the results. You'll have access 24 hours a day to your customized dashboard to track our work.

Our Dental Marketing Agency Services

While there are hundreds of online marketing companies out there, our dentist-specific proficiency is unmatched. Our team is used to work with dentistry clients like you.

Our approach


PPC ads are the best way to make your phone ring immediately. We can laser target your desired local audience and fill in your waiting room with new and recurrent patients.

We'll help your medical or dental practice to convert web visits into new patients.


Reviews are not only relevant to improve the local rankings for your medical office. Reviews are an essential part of your brand. We use the best reputation management tools to build a strong brand for your healthcare practice.


SEO efforts for medical practices must focus in your local area. People look for the best clinic/office near them. In order to appear on top of google results, you need to optimize your website and your Google My Business profile among other relevant tasks like citations, reviews and high quality backlinks.


We'll provide you with a realtime dashboard customized to your medical's office needs. You'll be able to track the performance of your marketing campaigns, including attribution of phone calls to invest in the most profitable channels.

Vecino Health Centers had different websites with duplicated content and were penalized by Google. In 2 months they started ranking again and got 43 keywords in position #1 in their area of influence plus another 50 in top 5 positions. Phone calls to their different Health Centers grew 450%.

Daniel Montez

Chief Executive Officer

With All Marketing Services help, the effectiveness of our bilingual websites, online listings, and advertising campaigns has improved each year. The direct phone calls to one of our health centers increased from 226 in 2018 to nearly 11,200 in 2022. Most recently, they have helped us launch our YouTube channel, generating more than 12,000 views of our videos within a few months.

Best Marketing Agency of 2002 Washington DC
All Marketing Services - Best Marketing Agency of 2023 Washington DC



All Marketing Services has been selected for the second year in a row (2022 & 2023) as the Best Marketing Agency by the Washington D.C. Award Program.


We are not only experts in Pay Per Click advertising (we manage more than $1,000,000 every month, but also in conversion rate optimization, making sure your funnel is optimized to obtain the highest return of your investement.


We're your one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. We work with your needs and your budget to create a tailor-made online marketing strategy.

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