Understanding the Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Urgent Care Center

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If you don't have a digital marketing strategy, you're limiting your success. Check out the benefits of digital marketing for your urgent care center below.

If hospitals are attracting more patients than your urgent care center, how do you stay afloat? Specific digital marketing tactics, such as local SEO, can help you gain more foot traffic.

According to Google, searches that included "near me" doubled in the span of two years. These searches often result in people visiting a business within 24 hours of their search.

Digital marketing won't only increase foot traffic to your urgent care center, though. Curious about how else it can help? Keep reading to discover the top eight benefits of digital marketing for your care center!

According to Google, searches that included "near me" doubled in the span of two years. These searches often result in people visiting a business within 24 hours of their search

1. Reach & Engage

There are numerous digital marketing tactics you can choose from, including:

  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Instant messaging marketing

Each one of these tactics allows you to reach and engage patients in new and exciting ways. By reaching your target audience, you're also able to increase brand awareness about your urgent care center.

People won't visit if they don't know you exist, right?

As you post content online, you're improving your care center's exposure. Once you reach potential patients, your content can spark their interest or teach them something new.

For example, informative blog posts can provide parents with helpful tips.

Get specific! Write an article about what to do if a child gets a scrape or experiences heatstroke. Then, you can use a call-to-action (CTA) and invite them to call or visit your urgent care center. 

With digital marketing, you can show future patients you're here and ready to help.

2. Target Your Patients

As an urgent care center, you're likely looking for specific patients with specific needs. One of the benefits of digital marketing is your ability to target the people you consider ideal patients. 

Digital marketing provides multiple opportunities for you to target patients.

For example, you might decide to target based on demographics. However, it's probably more effective to target patients based on a specific search radius. That way, you're attracting patients to your website who are also likely to travel to your urgent care center.

You can also create content based on specific search queries. If your patients are searching for the difference between a cold and fever, you can create a blog post that answers their questions. 

Regardless of how you target patients, the advantages of digital marketing make it easy for you to find them online!

3. Patients Start Online

Today, people are less likely to check the phonebook and more likely to search the internet.

Digital marketing allows you to show up while your patients are searching online. When people see you offer the services they need, they're more likely to visit your urgent care center.

Without digital marketing strategies, you're making it difficult for them to find you. As a result, patients are more likely to visit a different clinic, even if it's out of the way.

Today, people are less likely to check the phonebook and more likely to search the internet

4. Stay Social

Digital marketing through social media allows you to continuously keep in contact with patients. That way, you remain in their minds. The next time they need help, patients will remember to visit your urgent care center instead of someone else.

In fact, 90% of marketers say their social media marketing has increased brand awareness for their business. Meanwhile, 75% say they've increased website traffic. 

5. Love Local & Mobile

Digital marketing benefits businesses that want to connect with local customers.

If your patients are out and suddenly need urgent care, they'll check their smartphones. They'll likely search for a care center nearby. With digital marketing and a Google My Business listing, you can make sure your business displays for these searches.

Make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices. Keep your local listing information consistent and accurate, too. 

Local listings will help you connect with patients online when they need help most.

6. Keep Competing

It's difficult for small businesses to compete with larger companies. As an urgent care center, you might not have as large of a budget as a nearby hospital. 

One of the advantages of digital marketing is that it evens the playing field. 

Whether you have a big or small budget, you can still use digital marketing to increase online exposure. When your content is unique and high-quality, you'll stand out from the crowd.

Make sure you have a professional website, though!

7. Measure It Out

When you spend money on flyers, billboards, or mailers, it's difficult to measure their success. How do you know which traditional marketing methods attracted patients to your urgent care center?

One of the great benefits of digital marketing is the data. After your campaigns are up and running, you can measure the results. You can even break the data down based on individual ads, blog posts, and more. 

Easy access to this data will make it easier for you to make informed decisions. 

Once you know what's working, you can adjust your marketing budget to focus on these tactics. Recognizing the strategies that aren't working also makes it easy for you to improve your campaigns. 

With real-time data, you can use insights to improve your digital marketing (instead of wasting time and money).

8. Cost-Effectiveness

Many traditional marketing methods can get expensive. Displaying billboards or handing out flyers doesn't guarantee you'll attract people to your business. Unlike traditional marketing, one of the benefits of digital marketing is its high ROI.

Digital marketing allows businesses to make the most of a limited budget. Many businesses even make more despite what they spent. 

For example, Google assumes businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. However, some strategies can get expensive if you don't manage them correctly.

With a digital marketing company's help, you can use your limited budget to its full advantage. Then, you'll see the benefits of digital marketing as your ROI improves in time. 

8 Benefits of Digital Marketing

It's urgent that you start using digital marketing for your urgent care center. Otherwise, you could miss out on these benefits of digital marketing. Don't give your competitors the chance to get ahead.

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