Does the following sound familiar to you when running Pay Per Click Ads?

  • Cost Per Click is too high
  • Conversion Rate is too low
  • Not able to scale the campaigns with the same results

We can help you!

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Improve your PPC Results


The issues described above are like the symptoms when you are sick. You can go to a pharmacy and buy something to alleviate the symptoms. But what happens if it wasn't a cold? What if you have an infection?

The second option is to go to a doctor who will find the origin of those symptoms (the problem) and prescribe the right medicine.

We are the PPC doctors. First, we will analyze your campaigns. Then, our team will find the origin of your problems and fix them.


Pay Per Click Advertising in search engines and social networks is the fastest way to increase traffic to your website and one of the most effective. Many companies decide to run their own Pay Per Click campaigns, but they can't take the best of the platforms. They target the incorrect audience, bid for the wrong keywords, use unrelated landing pages...We can increase the performance of your Paid Search campaigns, reducing your cost per acquisition and save you top dollars every month.


if you don’t have much experience with Paid Search campaigns, it can be overwhelming. And even worse, you can waste money if you’re not sure what you’re doing. We offer comprenhensive Audits of your Google Ads account.

For these reasons, it’s a great idea to hire a PPC agency:

  1. Keep Up With Changes
  2. Better ROI
  3. Expert Keyword Selection
  4. Professional Ad Copy Writing
  5. 100% Focus
  6. Professional Reporting and Insight
  7. Landing Page Design and Optimization

At All Marketing Services, we specialize in Pay Per Click Campaign Management in different industries like Healthcare, Mortgage Brokers, Professional Services, Real Estate and more. We’ll work with you to develop a custom plan built to achieve your company’s specific goals.


Lawyers for Employee & Consumer Rights

Their most significant contribution was to help us view the campaigns based on the firm's profitability and not on the cost per acquisition of every client.

I recommend All Marketing Services to every company that wants to improve the performance of their advertising campaigns. It was straightforward to work with them.

Jennifer Tell

Lawyers for Employee & Consumer Rights

With All Marketing Services' help, the effectiveness of our bilingual websites, online listings, and advertising campaigns has improved each year. For example, direct phone calls to one of our health centers increased from 226 in 2018 to nearly 11,200 in 2022. Most recently, they have helped us launch our YouTube channel, generating more than 12,000 views of our videos within a few months.

Daniel Montez

CEO - Vecino Health Centers


Alex and his team have strong digital marketing knowledge and is easy to work with. They have both strategic and implementation digital marketing skills. Alex drove tremendous results in just a couple of weeks thanks to his expertise in Conversion Rate Optimization. He is able to make it sound so easy and straightforward.

James Barber

CEO - Union Plus Mortgage Company


All Marketing Services have been extremely helpful in providing our team with a structure and approach to our Google Ads program. They have made significant improvements in a short amount of time and take the time to explain why the changes are necessary and what we can do to for continued success.

Leah Moore

Marketing Director- ivWatch

Master in Collective Housing

All Marketing Services have helped MCH Master to redefine our online strategy, improving our PPC campaigns as well as positioning the MCH website in the first page of search engines all over the world.

They have an incredible attention to detail and an innate sense of how to reach the best solution for each situation. I recommend Alex and his team to any company seeking a high caliber digital marketing agency.

José María Lapuerta

Director - MCH Master


They are getting me 14 dollars back per dollar spent on Google Ads, which is more than twice the results obtained by the agency we were working with before. They have been able to get around 26% growth in revenue from year to year, which is a significant jump for my business. They understand the business and my industry well. They have provided a path for people to trust my website.

Duncan Orr

Managing Director/Owner - HotRockJunk


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