Multi-armed Bandit Tests

Multi-Armed Bandit (MAB) tests can solve the challenges associated with A/B testing, especially for testing offers in shot periods of time, like Black Friday. This type of testing involves a statistical problem setup.

e-commerce personalization

Think about this: You are visiting your favorite retail store. The employees already know what suits you and what you like the most. They even know what you have been longing to have in a long time, and they have all options ready the moment you walk into the door. This exclusive and customized shopping experience is referred to as personalization in e-commerce. And every customer expects it.

Qualitative vs quantitative data

Data plays a critical role in conversion rate optimization, and it can be the only weapon you need to defeat your competition and move your business to the next level. It allows you to back up your decisions with evidence and predict possible outcomes of your actions. There are two types of data, and depending on your primary goal, you will need to decide which type is best suited for you.


For the best results, your CRO and SEO should work together, not against each other. Digital marketing is a language in itself. It’s a near-perfect combination of human psychology, science, and innovation. In fact, most marketers believe it’s changed more in the last 2 years than in the last 50 combined. But, CRO and SEO aren’t new to the game. When done correctly, they play well together. They’re a golden duo that helps attract more of the right people.

Conversion Rate Optimization

You’ve heard of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), but what is it, exactly, and what does it mean for your business? Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the backbone of modern digital marketing. It refers to the process of increasing a share of website visitors you convert into sales/leads. The conversion itself is a key action you want people to take, such as subscription, quote request, form submission, or purchase. It’s also a metric that organizations across industry sectors keep close eyes on.