Lead generation for small businesses

Small businesses need to know how to generate leads to survive. It’s a long-held notion in business and in life that a company must always be growing—someway, somehow, and that the ones that stagnate eventually fall off.

marketing automation for small businesses

Marketing Automation for Small Businesses. When you have a small team, it’s important to use tools that make your work easier. Learn here how marketing automation for small businesses can help.

Chat bots for real estate

According to statistics, 85% of all customer interactions by 2020 will happen without the involvement of a live representative. Artificial intelligence’s (AI) revolution is in full swing and, much like other revolutionary technological happenings, is washing over every business sector like a tidal wave. As the real estate landscape grows increasingly competitive, you need to squeeze every drop of traction your business can get.

chatbot marketing

If you’re struggling to engage customers on your website, try chatbot marketing. Here’s how adding a chatbot can dramatically increase website engagement.