Why Hire a PPC Agency?

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PPC is an effective marketing tactic for many businesses. In fact, on average, businesses earn $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads.

But if you don’t have much experience with PPC campaigns, it can be overwhelming. And even worse, you can waste money if you’re not sure what you’re doing. For these reasons, it’s a great idea to hire a PPC agency. Keep reading to learn the top benefits of doing so.

Should I Hire a PPC Agency?

Short answer: YES. And not only it should be an agency specialized in pay per click campaigns but also on conversion rate optimization.  They will be able to create landing pages focusing on conversions incrementing your ROI.

Keep on reading to find the reasons to hire a PPC agency.

Keep Up With Changes

The world of paid advertising is constantly evolving. And because of this, it’s hard to keep up with the best practices. When you work with an agency that specializes in PPC, they’ll be able to help you keep up with the changes. They’ll know what’s working in lots of different agencies and will be able to apply those findings in your campaigns. Plus, since an agency consists of an entire team, you’ll get a wide range of viewpoints and expertise. If you only have one PPC manager on your in-house team, you only get one angle.

The world of paid advertising is constantly evolving. And because of this, it’s hard to keep up with the best practices

Better ROI

Let’s say you currently don’t have any employees who are proficient in PPC. So in order for you to hire one in-house, they’ll have a steep learning curve.

Once you hire them, they’ll have to get to know your business model, write ads and create bids from scratch, and face an uphill battle. Depending on your budget, you might need to hire someone without much experience.

No matter who you hire, you’ll also need to take into account their salary, benefits, and other employee expenses like a computer and the necessary training materials.

If you hire a PPC agency, on the other hand, you get experience right from the start. The agency will be able to get you affordable costs per click, great click-through rates, and strong ROI on your investment.

Expert Keyword Selection

One of the biggest parts of a PPC campaign is choosing the correct keywords to bid on. If you’re new to the world of PPC, it’s easy to bid the wrong amounts on the wrong keywords.

How do you know where to start if you’ve never done this type of keyword research before? An agency will know exactly how to handle this, getting you the results you’re looking for.

Professional Ad Copy Writing

Another key part of PPC is the ad copy. In a paid Google ad, you have a compact character limit. In this limited space, it’s also your job to persuade readers to click through to your landing page.

This is a tough job. Writing a creative and engaging ad that’s super short? Talk about difficult.

But with more than 63,000 searches per second on any given day, there are tons of potential customers on Google. You just have to grab their attention.

If you work with a professional ad agency, they’ll know how to create ads that are relevant, specific, and that fit within the specifications of the various platforms.

100% Focus

We’ve all been there before. No matter your specific set of marketing responsibilities, there are often tasks that are added to your plate in addition to your main roles. When this happens to your PPC manager, this means that your results will suffer.

It’s common to have PPC marketers that are also in charge of SEO, social media, or website management.

When you work with a PPC agency, you’ll get 100% focus on your PPC campaigns. Their entire responsibility is making sure your campaigns perform.

What does this mean? Better results including more leads, more sales, and more happy customers.

The entire responsibility of a PPC Agency is making sure your campaigns perform.

Professional Reporting and Insight

Let’s be honest. When it comes to digital marketing, there are lots of reports, lots of numbers, and lots of potential confusion.

When you work with an agency, they’ll take care of these things for you, providing you with the insight you need. An agency will take all of thlis information and draw conclusions to help move your business forward.

Another benefit of working with an agency is that they’ll be able to definitively show if your paid search efforts are effective or not. If you’re doing all your reporting in-house, you might not know how to decipher this data.

Landing Page Design and Optimization

There are so many different parts of a landing page that can be optimized, including the following:

  • Headline and body copy
  • Colors of text and backgrounds
  • Images
  • Calls to action
  • Forms and phone numbers
  • Button size and color

And the list goes on and on.

Simply put, the world of landing pages is complicated. That’s why it’s a great idea to work with an experienced agency that can help you optimize your PPC landing pages for optimal conversion.

They’ll be able to apply industry best practices and insights learned from other clients to help you get the most out of your landing pages, and by extension, your ad spend.

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Work With a PPC Agency

There you have it: the biggest benefits of working with a PPC agency on your campaigns. Now that you’ve gone through these points, what’s next?

It’s time to get started.

At All Marketing Services, we specialize in professional PPC campaign management in different industries like Healthcare, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate and more. We’ll work with you to develop a custom plan built to achieve your company’s specific goals.

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